Sections for Sale

Glentui Heights has approved scheduled building for a brand new Cafe designed by award winning Architects Indutri

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17 Pereguine Falcon rd, Closeburn

3563 sq m2 is avaialable for purchase.

FOR SALE - $599,000

Escape the hustle and bustle of town to the ultimate alpine setting of GlenTui Heights; enjoy the charm of rural living whilst still being in close proximity to Queenstown. Just a ten minute lakeside drive from central Queenstown, this 3563sqm section showcases majestic lake and mountain views and an undulating contour.

Neighbouring Bob's Cove nature reserve, enjoy the close-knit lakefront community and take time to explore the neighbouring walking and biking trails. Build a family home and take advantage of the onsite playground, secure in the knowledge there are plans in place for further community amenities.

Priced for action and offering so much for your money, the site represents an achievable upgrade to a semi-rural lifestyle in a convenient location.

Boundary indicative only.


  • Stunning lake views

  • Lakeside semi-rural location and close to nature trails

  • Ten minutes drive from Queenstown


UV Filtered water system

State of the art water filteration process without the need for chlorine or chemicals.

  • Taste of water is unrefined and doesn’t affect the taste

  • Kills micro-organisms

  • Works with normal tap pressure

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Storage Units

Storage units available for residents and guests, to store boats, equipment and trucks


established in 2018

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We look forward to your stay.

Randi and Keith




It all started when…

Living at Glentui Heights. 


Welcome to a place where mountains and lake meet. Where modern residential meets wide open space. A place where a healthy lifestyle beckons and the modern conveniences of Queenstown are within easy reach.

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